•Give Your Tastebuds Superpowers•

Unmask •Natural• Flavors

Discover New •Favorite• Foods

•Build healthy habits that you enjoy•

The miracle berry is a real fruit indigenous to Western Africa that temporarily makes sour foods taste sweet and enhances the flavor of foods. We believe miracle fruit has the potential to take willpower out of the equation of a healthy diet by making nutritious foods taste as indulgent as the junk foods that are otherwise killing us.

Naturally enhance the flavor of foods to make eating healthy easy and enjoyable

Remove unpleasant bitter, tart, and metallic tastes

The most natural tasting sweetener ever - no bitter or chemical aftertaste

1 serving lasts you the whole meal - up to 60 minutes

Make nutritious food taste so good, you'll never go back to junk food

The fastest and easiest way to consume miracle fruit because we know your mornings are stressful